Innovate Beyond Tomorrow

Innovate boldly with a modern research solution. Uniting consumers, influencers, and AI insights, IDEAvate empowers you to future-proof your ideas, set new trends, and propel your brand forward.


Rely on data and validated research at every stage of the innovation process. We synthesize consumer and influencer insights using a validated success model to help you confidently launch new products or services.

Trendsetting Ideas

Keep your finger on the pulse of current trends, stay ahead of the curve, and become a trailblazer in your industry.

Streamlined Success

IDEAvate minimizes risks while maximizing success so you can adapt and thrive in the ever-changing marketplace.

Personalized Journey

We recognize that your innovation journey is unique.
Our integrated team leverages years of innovation, research experience, and influencers within your specific category to help you bring your concepts from inception to impactful realization.

How Does IDEAvate Work?


Custom built by researchers and innovation experts, IDEAvate leverages feedback from consumers and established social media/category influencers to understand current trends and see what’s next. Depending on client needs, the modular system can develop, refine, or validate new ideas at any stage of the innovation process.

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Discovery & Trend Identification

This first phase discovers opportunities and identifies themes to guide ideation through AI, consumer, and social media influencer insights.

Get a better understanding of the current market, gather consumer input, and explore forces that shape their behavior.

Ideation & Idea Screening

Themes generated during the discovery phase and preexisting client ideas are used as discussion points for the ideation session. Internal teams and social media influencers spend a full day engaging in various exercises to develop ideas.

Consumers and social media influencers are then shown each idea during screening, a process during which they evaluate ideas using a specially designed compass mapping interface.

An Idea Potential Score (IPS) is calculated for each idea to measure its success potential in today’s market and the future.

Mini Concept Screening and Full Concept Development

Experienced content writers develop the ideas that receive the highest Idea Potential Score during idea screening into mini concepts. These concepts incorporate more complete product details to better represent how a final product might appear.

Consumers are shown the mini concepts to provide guidance on making the offering even stronger and to identify those with the greatest potential for engagement and purchase in the real world.

A Fully-Integrated Team of Experts

Get well-rounded, successful ideas at every stage of your innovation journey with the help of our collaborative team of qualitative, quantitative, and creative experts.

A Modular Approach

We offer a tailored experience based on your current ideation phase. Whether you’re testing existing ideas or uncovering new opportunities, our goal is to provide the support you need at every stage.

Dedicated Partner

For a more personal and productive collaboration, the researcher you meet on day one stays with you throughout your innovation journey. This continuity means that your ideas are nurtured and guided by someone who understands your vision.

Proven Success

IDEAvate’s idea evaluation model is not just theoretical; it’s validated through real-world success stories. Our portfolio includes case studies from various industries, including food, pet, beauty, and travel.

Influential Network

IDEAvate includes a vast network of social media influencers ready to provide combined feedback from tens of thousands of followers and be in tune with where your category is heading. By leveraging their insights and reach, we help your brand stay connected to emerging trends and consumer sentiments, ensuring that your ideas are aligned with your target audience’s preferences.

Redefining Innovation Across Industries

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